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Unitech Toys, the makers of the popular portable Van De Graaff generator, the Fun Fly Stick has expanded on their popular and amazing toy by introducing the Static Science Kit!

Now instead of just having fun floating objects with the Fun Fly Stick you get a whole series of static experiments to work with.

First the Fun Fly Stick in the Static Science Kit is a little different: It is transparent for the handle and the charger, so you can see the charing band whirring in action as it carries charges up to the end of the wand! You get the usual assortment of floating mylar pieces to demonstrate the effects of static attraction and repulsion, but you now also get a 25 piece experiment kit as well!

Experiments include: Flying Saucers, the electrostatic drummer, induction, leyden jars, ion motors, electrostatic motors, electrostatic wind, and much more! Its a great kit for under $30 and is excellent for classrooms on a budget since the price is so low almost every student can get a kit!

The Fun Fly Stick Static Science Kit is in stock now. For home or for class you just can’t beat this kind of static experimentation!


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