What's new here?

Having covered the two nifty torso models we now carry, it is time to turn our attention to the other anatomy models that we have recently added. These are most parts of the human body. Let’s start with a skull!

Now we’ve carried skulls in the past, and still do. But this human skull model is new in that it is colored to denote the various regions and bones of the human skull – occipital,etc:

These markings make learning the regions of the human skull a breeze!  The skull is life size and a great teaching tool.

Working our way down and inside the body we also now have a  life-size Model of the Human Respiratory System

Lungs, heart and larynx are all mounted on board. The entire system consists of 7 parts.

Getting back to the bones, we now have a couple of female pelvic bone models:

For more advanced users we also have a female pelvic model with internal organs

The uterus, rectum, bladder, and bone ligaments are all included with this model to show their position and relative size. Both pelvic models are life-size.


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