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The new year brings many new teaching tools for anatomy and biology classes. We’ll be covering a whole bunch of new models but today we start with two excellent life-size human torso models.

First up is a new, 17 part, Life-Size Sexless Human Torso:

This model is made of 17 parts such as, a 2-part heart, intestine, Right Lung & Rib, and many more.

The model also has an open back for viewing the model spine:

In addition to this model, we have also added a 27 Part Dual Sex Human Torso Model

This model can be set up as either male or female depending on the classroom’s needs. It has even more internal organs, including a 4 part lung, and 8 male & female organs. Like the previous model it has an open back.

Both of these models are a vast improvement over the standard  10″ and 20″ models, and yet are much more affordable than many of the Life-size models presently on the market. Get a quality product without breaking the bank!


Comments on: "New Anatomy Models – Human Torso Models!" (2)

  1. david barton said:

    i want to buy this: but nowhere do you have any info how to do that! How can that be?



  2. @david – clicking on any of the images or the links above them will take you to our webstore- directly to the products where you can purchase them online.

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