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Sometimes the only way to reliably sterlize medical & scientific equipment is with good old fashion HEAT. No chemicals, no water, just burn away the nasty bacteria that gets on your instruments. Of course, you can’t always run the autoclave every time you poke a dissecting instrument into something, so that is why laboratory devices like the Bactizapper are made.

The Benchmark Bactizapper

The Benchmark Bactizapper produces a 1500 degree F  heat zone that sterilizes instruments with 5-7 seconds of exposure.  Despite these high temperatures, the Bactizapper is completely safe as the stainless steel guard chamber prevents exposure to skin. One simply inserts instruments such as loops,  needles or tube ends into the chamber to quickly sterilize them.

The Bactizapper can be bought with 115V or 230 V AC current and ships free within the continental USA.

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