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Sometimes we get some cool toys in the store that have a bit of science, but are mostly just fun. The new Solar powered frolicking flower is one of those toys.

Place this ‘flower’ in sunlight and it will bob, weave, and dance.  Its a fun toy for a windowsill, garden or other sunny location! Its stands just over 4″ tall, so it can fit between real plants.  Its durable enough to live outdoors, so it can add a bit of fun to a garden or windowbox.

Let’s see the frolicking flower in action:

Comments on: "Solar Powered Frolicking Flower" (9)

  1. Mary Buell said:

    How can I order a quanity of these solar frolicking plants or bugs?

  2. Anna McClester said:

    where can u buy The Frolicking Flower?

  3. I can’t get my grand daughter’s flower to work…is there and on/off switch or something I need to do to get it started??

    • The same thing happened to 2 out of 3 I baught at a gift shop by this same company. I had to return them. Yet the $1.00 solar flowers I got at the Dollar Store and at Five Below work fine. I wish someone from this company would answer you back as to why yours did not work so I would know why mine did not too.

  4. […] product to out line. It was a frolicking solar powered flower. We liked t so much we even did a little blog post on […]

  5. Denise coughlin said:

    Does the flower have to be put together? Does the top or bottom come off? I have 2 leaves but no flower

    • SOme designs have a flower that needs to be installed. They usually come installed butg may fall out in transit. Some older designs were attached diectly and were prone to breakage. If you only have leaves and no flower I’d say something is missing.

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