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This article is a re-write of an old Spectrum Scientifics blog article.

Ecospheres are popular living gifts! They are completely contained biospheres with animal and plant light. They come in a variety of sizes shapes, such as small sphere, small pod, medium sphere, large pod, large sphere and extra-large (9″) sphere.

Inside the Ecosphere, life is thriving. Little brine shrimp scamper around the provided branches and rocks:

These shrimp scamper around, eat the algae in the ecosphere, and produce waste products (poop!) that in turn fertilizes the algae. The whole system gets energy from external light that, along with the shrimp waste, makes the algae grow. Ecospheres require only indirect light, as direct sunlight will cause the algae to grow out of control (and kill the shrimp) and no light will mean the algae dies (and the shrimp would starve).

Ecospheres are a great demonstration of the life cycle, and they typically last 3-4 years before they need a ‘recharge’. Some have been known to last even longer, going as long as 9-10 years. That seems a bit uncommon, however.

Ecospheres are delivered straight to your home from the manufacturer. They are shipped overnight and someone must be present to sign for them. When buying an Ecosphere as a gift (or for yourself), consider sending it to the recipient’s  place of work so that someone will be there to sign for it. Ecospheres should not be kept in their packaging for very long as they need light.

Order Ecospheres with plenty of time to arrange for delivery!  They are an incredible, thoughtful, lasting gift!


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