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New Geology Items

We added a couple of nice geology items to make our coverage of this topic a bit better. First up is the Scale of Hardness Kit with Test Samples:

This kit is for testing the hardness of rocks and minerals using a penny, a nail, a streak plate and a piece of glass. 9 samples are included with the kit which cover the range of hardness from 1-9. A rock with hardness #9 is not included as that would be a diamond. This kit is an excellent educational project for budding geologists and can be used with rocks and minerals not included with the set.

Next up is a collection of 50 US rocks and minerals:

50 excellent quality specimens are included in this set representing rocks and minerals found in the USA.  This is an excellent collection for a classrooms, home schooling, and outdoor events. Each sample is about 1″  on the longest axis and glued to the box interior. Each sample is labeled. A study guide is included.






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