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BenchMark has made a great improvement on one of their products! They have taken their excellent MyBath Mini Drybath and added a heated lid to produce the MyBath HL.

MyBath HL

MyBath HL

The heated lid prevents evaporation & condensation, a problem with regular drybaths that tent to only heat the bottom of the vials. Depsite this effective feature the MyBath is still small enough to fit in the palm of your hand! Like its little brother, the MyBath HL is quick to heat up – obtaining a temperature of 37C in just 2 minutes, with a high temperature of 100C. The temperature is also adjustable to 0.1C giving you excellent control. The MyBath HL is perfect for  when temperature sensitivity is crucial such as in immunoassays, LAMP assays, enzyme reactions, and more

Two blocks are available for the MyBath HL, one holds 24 x 0.5ml centrifuge tubes while the other can hold either 40 x 0.2ml tubes or 5 PCR strips with 8 tubes each.

Like all BenchMark lab equipment, the power us provided by standard US current, while a European powered version is also available.


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