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BuckyBall Sidekicks!

The skyrocketing price of rare earth magnets has left its mark in the toy and science world. Even with the recent price crash many toymakers are still dealing with much higher prices than from a couple of years ago. So sadly this means that the classic BuckyBalls would be priced at over $40 a set – a bit too high for most people to spend on a small toy, no matter how addictive.

So enter BuckyBalls Sidekick. The same classic toy but at an affordable $24.95 and in a 5 x 5 x 5 cube. The magnets are the same, but you aren’t forced to buy as many and you can still mix them up!

BuckyBalls Sidekick

The Sidekick also comes in the Executive Edition colors as well, The Gold

Gold Sidekick
The Black

Black sidekick

And the Silver Sidekick

Silver Sidekick

All of which have a cool contrast and color compared to the standard nickle-coated Buckyballs.

We’ve also added something new – The Big Book of Bucky (volume 1)

Big Book of Bucky

This new book is 80 pages of pictures, tips, tricks and other fun things to do with your BuckyBalls! hexagons, cubes, and much more! Your BuckyBalls may have come with an instruction sheet, but nothing like this!

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