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Round bottom flasks are a staple piece of glassware in the lab. Their round shape means there are no corners for solids and denser liquids to get caught in, they don’t get hot spots the way glassware with corners can, and they can have multiple necks to disperse and receive.  These advantages are countered by a big issue: the fact that the round bottom flasks are, well, round!  A round bottom flask can’t be put down on a surface while you do something else, it has to be in a glassware system, or held by a ringstand.

But sometimes a lab worker doesn’t have time to set things in properly. Something might be boiling over or need attention and if you have a round bottom flask in your hand what can you do? Put it on the counter and hope for the best?

Well there is an option. Our flask stand is designed to make life in the lab easier! It has a stepped interior designed to keep round bottom flasks from falling over!


The stepped insides give multiple places for your flask to fit so the stand works with almost any size of round-bottom flask up to 10,000ml! It is made of Polypropelene, and so is fairly heat resistant – you can put a hot flask on it or autoclave it.  We gave one of these guys a quick test by putting a flask on it – we do did so with intentional sloppiness to represent a rushed lab worker. Look at the pic to see how it worked!

Labware saved!

It worked like a charm!

At just $6.99 the flask holder can save you its cost in glassware alone, not to mention the time saved to boot! Get them today!


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