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A fun side-hobby in astronomy is to get quick glimpses of the largest man-made object in our orbit: The International Space Station.








The Space Station is a nifty, bright object from our view. It moves quickly from horizon to horizon and comes up fairly often. But knowing when it will show up is a bit of a problem, especially since its visits are over quite quickly. There are computer programs, Smartphone Apps, and other online aids to help you plan but not much that really helped let you know when it was coming if you weren’t specifically looking for it.

Well, here  to help with that is TWISST. If you have a twitter account TWISST will send a tweet  to everyone in your location when the ISS is going to make an appearance! TWISST uses  your entered location on Twitter and makes tweets appropriately!

ISS viewing is one of those hobbies that requires no special equipment, you can view many of the ISS passings with the naked eye! All you need is a twitter account and maybe a phone that can get tweets!


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