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Agars, Buffers, and Broths

Nutrient Agarhas been a staple in both the classroom and the lab, it is used

Bacteria Experiment Kit

Bacteria Experiment Kit - Agar!

as a bacteria growing medium – happily feeding the source bacteria you swab through it from whatever experiment you’ve dreamed up. Be it the ‘is my dog’s mouth cleaner than mine, to testing the 5 second rule.  We’ve sold lots of gelled Agar over the years, in both bottle or kit.

But sometimes people prefer to mix their own agar rather than have it pre-gelled. Sometimes this is for storage reasons (dehydrated agar does last longer on the shelf). Also, people may have need for other kinds of Agar or lab mixes.

Specialty Agar

Specialty Agar

So we have added some new agars and will be adding more! We’ve added a 500g bottle of dehydrated Nutrient Agar, as well as bottles of Technical Agar (which has a much lower amount of ‘stuff’). We’ve also added MacCornkey Agar, which is used in identifying bacteria that can ferment lactose. The MacCormley Agar will be available dehydrated or as a prepared plate.

In addition to Agar, we are also adding D/E Neutralizing Broth, which is

D/E Neutralizing Broth

D/E Neutralizing Broth

used to determine the effectiveness of bactericidal properties of disinfectants, etc.  This comes in convenient tubes in packs of 100.  In addition we are now carrying bottles of Butterfield Phosphate Buffer, which is used as a dilutant in wastewater & food testing.

These new chemicals, being mostly biological or used in biological applications, are made on demand to maximize shelf life. As a result they cannot be rush ordered.

Spectrum Scientifics will be adding more of these items in the future. Keep an eye out!




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