What's new here?

We found that our Spider Optical Computer Mouse was actually pretty popular, so we thought it would be great to add some more types of “insect mice”.  To start with we’ve added this Black Scorpion Computer Mouse:

Scoprion Computer Mouse

Note: scorpion will not sting you while using Photoshop.

This is a fully functional optical computer mouse, with a 56″ USB cable. It even costs relatively the same as any computer mouse you might pick up at a computer store, but it is way cooler!

In addition to the scorpion mouse, we also have the Green Beetle Computer Mouse:

Green Beetle Computer Mouse

Green Beetle!


These computer mice are not the only specimen products we have added of late.  We also have this 3″ Bat specimen in Lucite:

Bat Speciment

As well as this pair of scorpions:


Fighting Scorpions!

Both of these samples make nice desktop additions or can be used as specimen samples for microscope examination.

So come on and get some great desktop displays and some extra-special computer mice!




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