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Rockers (The Laboratory Kind)

One of the things a chem lab often needs to do is to have samples mixed by either shaking or rocking. This can be done by hand, but some reactions need to be shaken for a long time and this can be rather tedious.  Also some reactions need to be handled gently to prevent foaming (which adds gas to mixutres that me not be desired).

BenchMark Scientific makes several models of rockers and shakers to help fill a lab’s needs as far as this actions are concerned.

First up are the BenchMark Blotboy and Mini BlotBoy. These both use the same rocking base but have different size platforms that give you the option of having more space or a smaller footprint.

BenchMark BlotBoy

To see the gentle rocking in action watch our video of the BlotBoy rocking:

Sometimes you need a bit more speed than a gentle rocking. That is where the Biomixer and Mini Biomixer. These rock at 24 rotations per second – twice that of the BlotBoy.


Both the BlotBot and the BioMixer are 3D Rockers – meaning they rotate the samples in 3 dimensions. However in many cases only a 2D motion is required – especially in the case of staining and destaining of slides and samples. For that Benchblotter Platform Rocker exists.

BenchBlotter Rocking Platform

BenchBlotter Rocking Platform

The BenchBlotter is for gentle mixing, with a fixed speed of 12 rpm. Again, this speed prevents foaming or other unwanted mixing side-effects.

These products are used in making gels, , immunoblotting, staining, and many other lab purposes.

All of these BenchMark Scientific models have Free Shipping in the continental US.



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