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Benchmark Scientific makes some of the best and most affordable lab equipment on the market. Now they’ve made a great offer where if you buy their Multi-Therm Shaker or Incu-Shaker Mini and you’ll get a FREE CoolCube, Vortex Mixer, or Mini Centrifuge!

The Multi-Therm is BenchMark’s excellent heating/cool shaking system for microplates and various sizes if centrifuge tubes!



The Multi-Therm come in two designs – one for cooling (-20C) and heating  (100C) and one for just heating  (Ambient+5 to 100C). Both units can shake from 200 to 1500 rpm in a 3mm orbit.  The Multi-Therm has a large variety of  exchangeable blocks available to hold tubes  from 0.2ml to 50ml, with several blocks to hold sizes  in between! You get the free CoolCube, Vortexer, or Mini-Centrifuge whichever model you choose.

The Incu-Shaker Mini is small and mighty. It is designed to work with larger flasks – heating them while shaking them!

Incu-Shaker Mini

Incu-Shaker Mini

The Incu-Shaker heats from Ambient +5C up to 60C. It shakes from 30 to 300 rpm with an orbit of 19mm. All of this power fits in an footprint that is smaller than 16″ deep and 11″ wide (10.5″ tall).  The Incu-Shaker can use either the racks devoted to specific sizes of flasks or it can employ the versatile MAGic Clamp platform that allows magnetic attachment of a variety of flask holding clamps or even a Tube Rack. Ordering the Incu-Shaker gets you a free CoolCube, Vortexer or Mini-Centrifuge!

This offer ends 11/31/2011! So be sure to take advantage of this great offer! When ordering, be sure to note which free product you want in our ‘Comments’ section!

You can download a pdf  brochure of this offer here.


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