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Benchmark Scientific once again brings up some great new products! We already carry their popular BenchMixer Vortex mixer and it is a great product for the lab. But now Benchmark has introduced a new vortex mixer with great new features called the Mortexer (don’t groan over the name if it is a great product).


The Mortexer combines the traditional ‘cup’ head with a system that also holds microcentrifuge tubes. The unique multi-head holds up to 8 1.5 or 2.0ml microtubes.

The Mortexer works its head exactly like the BenchMixer – with -Q-Drive technology providing smooth mixing action. You can watch it at work on the BenchMixer in this video:

With the Mortexer comes 3 new heads that work with both the Mortexer and the BenchMixer. These are horizontal heads that hold vials for vortexing action.  The 12 x 1.5ml vial head, the 4 x 15ml vial head, and the 2 x 50ml vial head.



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