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Today our monthly email newsletter went out. You can view it here if you don’t subscribe. If you don’t subscribe, why not? Just go to www.spectrum-scientifics.com and scroll to the bottom and hit the subscribe button!

Its mentioned in our newsletter, but we’ll give more details here. It is time for our 4th annual Summer Sale! This year we are having 10% off on all science toys: physics, life science, optics, electronics, and earth science. In addition, 10% off all chemistry and geology items!

In addition to the sale, several items have been marked for clearance! These will not be restocked and all sales are final.  On these you can get bargains of up to 40% off! The Timerkits Timbersaurus and Ocean Motion are regularly $24.95, now just $15.  The Hydro Dome, regularly $29.95, now going for $17.50! The White Lightning Stick, normally $5.99, now $2.99! The Bamboo Builder Set, regularly $14.99, now just $9! The Erector 20 Model Set with Motor, regularly $49.95, now just $31.50. These and many other bargains await you!

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