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Neptune finishes a year

The planet Neptune was discovered in September 23, 1846, the first half of the 19th century. As of today, July 12th, 2011,  it has made 1 full orbit of the Sun since its discovery.

Neptune is our solar system’s furthest known planet (with Pluto now being considered a dwarf planet). Its orbit is so far out that it requires 164.79 years to complete a year. Today marks the day that would make it a complete years since its discovery by Johann Galle.

Uranus, whose wobbly orbit was used to locate Neptune, has by comparison completed 2 years since its discovery in1781. It is also well into completing a third year.


Hurry Scurry Mouse!

This little (2-1/2″) Hurry Scurry Mouse skitters around in every direction!

Hurry Scurry Mouse


The technology might be familiar. The Hurry Scurry Mouse is based on those vibrating robots that were popular homemade items. People would take the motor that vibrates a cell phone and attach it to something like the bristle end of a toothbrush. Soon these robots were available all over and this little guy works very much the same  way!

There are a couple of differences, however, for one thing the Hurry Scurry Mouse has the cover that makes it look like a gray mouse, the other is that it has a six legs that can be adjusted to make it travel in different directions! Here is the instructional diagram from the back of the Hurry Scurry Mouse’s packaging:

Hurry Scurry Mouse adjustment instructions!

From these simple adjustments you can make the Hurry Scurry Mouse go the direction you want!




The Hurry Scurry Mouse runs on an AG13 battery and that battery is included. All of this mousey fun is less than $5!




I was honestly expecting this launch to be delayed again, given the disruptive weather. But the last Space Shuttle launched yesterday.

The Amazing 7-in-1 Laser Pen (/Flashlight/UV Light/….)

Additional Note 8/26/14: Sadly this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. There were some reliability issues but we feel they could have been solved. We are sorry to see this item go.


We were stunned when we first saw this little geek gadget. It just keeps on delivering goodies! Its the 7-in1 Laser Pen and that title doesn’t even begin to describe how much this little pocket sized tool can do!

First of all let’s have a look at it:

7-in-1 Laser Pen

So far, it seems simple.

Its kinda in the title, so no surprise

Of course, it is in the description, so we are certainly going to have a laser pointer in this thing. And we do. A class IIIa 650nm laser pointer is at work here.  Great for any purpose you might need a laser pointer for, which means pointing things out to friends or making cats go crazy.

Next up is the LED snake light. This is a standard white LED bulb that remains on after you push the button. The snake coil can be positioned almost anyway you like to shine light where you need it.  Press the flashlight button again and…


…you’ve got an ultraviolet light! This is another LED light that emits at 395-400nm and can be used to check special features on drivers licenses, credit cards, or to check UV sensitive invisible ink

Now of course, with all these gadgets and parts the old joke comes back about the watch with so many features it doesn’t have room to show what time it is.

Yup. It writes.

Well this should establish that this thing does actually have a pen in the laser pen,  and yes. It does write! Mind you, you will have to unthread that cap. It doesn’t just snap off like many pen caps. And there is a reason for that:

Wow! It grows!

That reason is that the cap is part of the pen’s extending magnetic pick up wand! At full extension (this is not show at full extension) it is over 17″ long and the magnetic cap can pick up any ferrous item that isn’t too heavy for it. Here we see it holding a flat watch battery (it was all we could find).

That’s quite a list of features! But wait, you want more? Well we did say this was a 7-in-1 Laser Pen, and so far we only have five. Well if you unscrew the central body you get this!

That’s right, is a mini flat-head screwdriver! A 2mm flat head screwdriver to be exact. Handy for certain electronics and other small screws!  But just in case you have to deal with electronics where a lot of philips-head screws are involved you can simply pull out the screwdriver head and flip it around to get:

What doesn’t this thing have?

A PH00 Philips-Head screwdriver! (You’ll have to take our word for it…this picture didn’t come out as well as we might have liked).

The Laser Pen has other features as well, such as a metal body and a sturdy pocket clip. The laser is FDA approved and all the lights run off 3 x AG3 batteries, the batteries are most certainly included!

Grab one of these awesome little gadget pens today!

Spectrum Scientifics July Newsletter

Our July email newsletter was sent this morning! Loads of new products, Science in Action, and Tools for Teachers.

The newsletter can be viewed online at this link.

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Amazing X-Ray Pets & X-Ray Wild Animals

A couple of ‘Books’ that we carry are the Amazing X-Ray series. The two we have are Amazing X-Rays Pets, and Amazing X-Rays Wild Animals.

Amazing X-Rays Pets has a built-in light box, along with 16 X-rays of common household pet:

X-Ray Pets

There is also an informative booklet discussing aspects of the pet’s skeleton and other details.

Here we are trying the X-Ray Pets ‘Try Me’ Mode:

The companion piece to Amazing X-Rays Pets is Amazing X-Rays Wild Animals. The idea is the same except the subject matter is animals in the wild instead of domesticated pets. You still get the light box and 16 X-Rays

Amazing X-Rays Wild Animals

Amazing X-Rays Wild Animals

Animals such as Cheetahs, Monkeys, and Otters are just some of the X-Rays included.

Like the Amazing X-Ray Pets, we have a video of the “Try Me’ feature in action:

Either of these books is great for any young animal scientist! Start training a future Veterinarian today!






Happy 4th of July Everyone

Have a good holiday and see you on the 5th!