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We’re out at a trade show today so today’s entry will be a bit brief: Many folks have come up with ideas as to how ancient Briton’s moved the heavy stones that make up Stonehenge. Some of the theories make sense, but many of them are a wee tad…speculative, to be kind. Aliens, psychic powers, and other crazy concepts make up just some of the wilder theories out there.

But in all likelyhood the way the stones were moved might have been just some wood and pure human ingenuity. At least one man, W.T. Wallington, has come up with ways to move stones as big as those at Stonehenge pretty much just by himself! Not only move the stones but raise them as well. All of this with just some basic tools, simple machines, wood, and some full-scale replica stones.  Sometimes it is easier to just let you watch the action rather than try to explain it:

Excepting the fact that his stones seem to be made of concrete (which actually makes them more brittle than the original stones) and some minor updating of certain tools (such as using a hose instead of buckets of water) everything he uses would have been available in some form to the ancient Britons. You can see more of his moving objects in action at his website.

As amazing as W.T. Wallington’s work might be, he may not be the first to revive such techniques. The builder of Florida’s Coral Castle, Edward Leedskalnin, may have also employed such techniques to build his masterpiece. There is evidence that Leedskalnin may have cheated a tiny bit as a small Ford engine does appear in some of the rare pictures of his construction. Oddly enough, Leedskalnin is often subject to as many rumors of bizarre techniques as Stonehenge’s builders.

The reality is that we should never underestimate human ingenuity.


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