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Ample Scientific is an excellent supplier of quality microscopes and laboratory centrifuges. They also come up with  great product offers and this summer is no exception! With every purchase of an Ample Scientific DM-120 Digital Micro Centrifuge you will get a FREE TACH-S Digital tachometer! That’s a $99 retail value, FREE!

The TACH-S tachometer is full of great features: an 18mm LCD di

TACH-S Tachometer

splay, range from 2.5 to 99,999rpm, last value recall, more. It can take an accurate reading off any centrifuge with a window to its central chamber! It has .1 rpm accuracy up to 1,000 rpms and 1 rpm accuracy above that. An excellent instrument for anyone in the lab!

The original product is no slouch either! The DM-120 is Ample Scientific’s newest centrifuge design. It has auto-balancing to prevent vibration and reduce noise. It can spin from 500 to 12,00 rpms and uses a timer that can go from 0-15 minutes in 30 second intervals. You can also run it on short rubs with just the push of a button!  It holds 24 micro-centrifuge tubes and can optionally hold hemocrit tubes as well.

Ample DM-120 Micro Centrifuge

DM-120 Digital Micro Centrifuge

There’s no limit to how many free TACH-S tachometers you can get! You get one free with each DM-120 Micro Centrifuge you buy! This offer expires on Sept 30th, 2011 and is limited to 110V models only.


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