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…oh right! We were telling folks how to get a paper sundial printed out. Well we got ours all printed out and happy. We cut it out and folded it up.

…and realized it would not last through the first drizzle.  This would be a problem as summer rains happen almost daily at this point. So what to do?

Well, in our case we printed out another sundial and put it through the lamination machine! Now it was covered in plastic and protect from the elements, at least for a while. If you don’t have a lamination machine (most people don’t) then clear packing tape can help protect your sundial. Its up to you if it is easier to apply the tape before or after you cut it out. We certainly had to put the paper through the laminator before cutting it out (jammed lamination machines tend to burn).

Once we cut out the laminated sundial and taped it together we put it on the wall. Then we discovered there was a problem. Our store’s outdoor walls don’t have a lot of places where there are not other objects that case shadows on the sundial’s space. Take a look:

OK. so the big shadow you see is from the canopy of the store next to ours. During much of the day it completely covers the sundial’s shadow.  But for a few hours the thing does a nice job of giving you the time. Take note that it does show time in a 24 hour clock pattern.

Hopefully you will have better luck than we did and have a non-shadowed space.


Comments on: "Paper Vertical Sundials, now where where we…." (1)

  1. I have somewhere else seen also more precise sundials to printout. But cannot find it at this moment. As for observing sun remember that this year (2012) you can see an annular solar eclipse over western USA – which is in itself quite amazing, or go to Australia in November for a totality. See details of both eclipses as well as past ones at http://eclipses.eu

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