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We sell plenty of rocks and minerals  at Spectrum Scientifics. Most of them are tumbled rocks and geodes that many folks find attractive. Most of what we sell is pretty basic. However, in the age of the internet a lot of counterfeiting with rocks is actually taking place. Seems like it would not be worthwhile but when a large piece of porous rock goes from being a $10 item to a $750 item with just the application of some food coloring the temptation for fakery rises fast. There are some good resources on the web for finding fakes but we found one good blog, www.fakeminerals.com,  that has quite a few examples of how things are faked  for sale – and how sometimes one rock is renamed as a marketing technique (Azeztulite, which turns out to be just simple quartz.

Sadly, while the blog is very informative, it is not updated often. Perhaps this is because there are fewer examples of fakery for the author, Justin Zzyzx, to bring to light. We can only hope.


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