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BenchMark Scientific makes some of the best new laboratory equipment around. Their product price beat the competition, they do a great job at innovation, and their products also look great as well!

And they’ve done it again! They have introduce the new MyBath 4L personal digital water bath.

MyBath 4L

MyBath 4L Personal Digital Water Bath

This compact 4L water bath has easy to use digital controls and gives an even temperature throughout the bath. The lid provides a secure, covered environment and can even be completely removed if the project requires it.

Unlike other companies small bath systems, the MyBath comes with 3 tube racks for 50ml (15 tubes), 15ml (41 tubes), and 1.5/2.0 (40 tubes). An optional tube holder for 0.5ml (40 tubes) is also available.

MyBath Included Racks

MyBath comes with these tube racks

Compared to the competition, the MyBath is at least $100 less expensive, and is on average $200-500 less than the competition. Not to mention it looks much better and comes with 3 tube racks! The temperature uniformity & accuracy  is also much better than the competition’s models.

The standard model is powered by 115V current, but  European & English plugged versions that operate on 230V are also available. Contact us for details.

The MyBath is an excellent choice for a molecular biologist’s lab or any other place that requires a digital bath system!


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