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Magic Milk Straws

In the past, someone made flavored straws that you would stick into regular milk and when you sipped the straw would flavor the milk as you drank. It sounds great, but at the time it really didn’t work very well. The straws were paper and dissolved in the liquid milk, the flavors were very ‘chemical’ tasting and overall it just didn’t work well. But it was a neat idea at least.

That’s why Magic Milk Straws have been made! These straws are much more durable (plastic straws don’t dissolve) and the taste is much, much better. Let’s take a look at the product to see why!

Magic Milk Straws

Magic Milk Straws

Look at the center of the picture and you will see the actual straws (there are six in each pack). Those beads in the straw are the key to the flavor. As you drink, the beads impart flavor to the milk and give it a delicious flavor, be it Cookies & Cream, Chocolate, Strawberry, or Orange Cream. The Magic Milk Straws are gluten-free, lactose-free, low-sugar, and made of all-natural ingredients. They can be used with not only dairy milk, but also soy & lactose-free  milk as well. Each straw adds just 16 or 17 calories to the glass of milk!

Milk is not the only thing that Magic Milk Straws  work on. Some folks have tried the Cookies & Cream with iced coffee and declared it to be really yummy!

Magic Milk Straws require no refrigeration and come six straws per pack. Pick up some today!


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