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Wonder Holder

We have a new magnet item: The Wonder Holder!

Wonder Holder

The Wonder Holder

The wonder holder is a simple concept: You place the Wonder Holder onto your car dashboard or other handy surface with the adhesive, and attach one of the included backing plate onto the back of your cell phone, PDA, GPS, or other device. Then whenever you want just place the device up to the Wonder Holder and let the magnets go to work! Just like that the device is secure and out of the way!

“But wait!” You might cry, “magnets next to my cell phone?! It’ll ruin it!”. Well, no it won’t. Because while it is a powerful magnet it is nowhere near strong enough to effect flash-based memory devices like Smartphones, GPS, and similar items. Older iPod owners (and older MP3 players) should not use the Wonder Holder as those devices work on hard drives which can get messed up by magnets.

The Wonder Holder is also great for keeping things tidy or having a proper place for your cell phone to hang out of the way while being charged or at work. No longer do you have to keep you phone right on your desk surface where it can get bumped off or have papers piled on top of it.  This is just one suggestion as there are many different ways to use the Wonder Holder. It can be used in lockers, or in bathrooms to keep them away from water. The Wonder Holder is extremely versatile and much easier to use than clunky phone holsters.

But let’s see the Wonder Holder in action. We used our demo display to show how the Wonder Holder works.

Each wonder holder comes with the Wonder Holder magnet with adhesive and three backing plates so that you can use more than one device with the Wonder Holder!

Spectrum Scientifics

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