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New Labware

It not the most exciting of topics but to some folks it can be very important. Spectrum has added several new pieces of labware to our product line.

First new item are small Weighing Bottles available in both 10ml and 20 ml.

Weighing Bottles

Weighing Bottles

Weighing bottles are thin borosilicate glass bottles that are used to help weight solids on electronic balances. Their light weight minimizes any issues when taring out such a balance. Like any other piece of labware, hundreds of other uses can be found for it. Especially attractive is the ground-glass lid!

Next up is a 250ml Separatory Funnel. These are used to distinguish between the densities of two different liquids.  But they often get used as dispensers. We’ve even seen them on cooking shows! They are made of borosilicate glass and have a ground glass stopper and stopcock. We’ve carried versions of these in the past (and still do) but at just $26.95 this is a real bargain.

Separatory Funnel

Separatory Funnel

Finally we have a new selection of Dropping Bottles. Now we’ve carried dropper bottles for some time but this new model has a glass stopper system that many folks like to have:

Glass stopper Dropping Bottles

Glass Stopper Dropping Bottles

We hope to have great success with these new items! Many folks have asked for labware like this so be sure to get some today!

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