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Zube Tubes!

Zube Tubes are a sound-making toy that has been around for a couple of decades! Or rather they would have been except that…they went away.  Its not certain what happened to make the Zube Tube go away – they were certainly popular enough and available in lots of places, but they did. So for a few years kids and adults could not get a nifty new Zube Tube.

But now they are back!

Zube Tube

Zube Tube

The design of the Zube Tube is simple: A spring is stretched inside a tube with plastic caps at the ends that help the noise. When you shake the Zube Tube, strum the spring, or speak into it the spring makes a bizarre space-wars sound that most folks should recognize from the movies. Shaking it in different ways, speaking in different tones, and strumming the spring in different ways changes the sound in small ways so almost always get a different sound!

You can’t really describe sound by typing, so we made a video of the Zube Tube in action!

The Zube Tube – if nothing else it will confuse the Postman or UPS guy when one is delivered to your house!

Comments on: "Zube Tubes!" (1)

  1. Vanessa penney said:

    I want one and a lot of other people. Please bring back. Drumcircles need this instrument. The will sell again

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