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This is a product that we admit there were some doubts about, but it has actually shown itself to be a very popular item: A series of rulers and bookmarks that have high-quality 3D lenticular images that appear to move!

3D Lenticular Bookmark!

Sadly, these pictures cannot really do these things justice. So for that we have a video of our display unit:

As you can see from the video, these are not the lenticulars of yesteryear where you would have only two or three ‘scenes’. In this case there are enough images to make it seem like the animals are really walking (or climbing).

You can also  see from the video there are more than just penguins. Another popular model is the Gears & Robots

The Triceratops is also popular:

We also have them in larger sizes: The 12″ rulers (the above are 6″ Rulers/Bookmarks) are quite popular, such as the Walking T-Rex 12″ Ruler

These lenticular 3D Rulers/Bookmarks make great gifts and add a little fun to the ordinary bookmark!

Comments on: "3D Lenticular Motion Bookmarks!" (2)

  1. traci johnson said:

    I am interested in purchasing 55 of these bookmarks for my students. Can you tell me what stores carry them. My local Barnes and Noble and Borders do not carry them anymore. Thank you.

  2. Hi Traci,

    I don’t know what other stores sell them. We certainly can ship them to you if you like. Please contact us at sales@spectrum-scientifics.com so we can work on the details.

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