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The Spectrum Scientifics Gaussian Gun Kit is one of those products that truly does deliver a surprise when you see it for the first time. Even after you’ve viewed in a few times you can still be delighted by what goes on.


But the odd thing is: despite the exciting actions that take place with this kit, there are no companies that produce this item! Just a few other ‘kits’ sold at very high prices from hobby specialists. We really wanted to have this bit of science represented so we ended up making our own kits!

So onto the science of the kit: You get five steel bearing balls, two high-powered rare-earth disc magnets, and a short piece of track. The magnets are stood up on edge and four of the balls are placed on one side of the track. The final ball is gently rolled towards the other side of the magnet. When it reaches the magnet the final ball on the other side zooms off at a very surprising rate of speed!

Sometimes it is best just to let the video we took do the talking!

The Gaussian Gun Kit is just $10.99 and includes directions, extra experiment ideas and explanation of the science behind the kit. It is great for home, homeschooling, or classroom!


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