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The folks at Crazy Aaron’s Putty World have done it again. They have developed a new thinking putty for you to play with: Liquid Glass


Liquid Glass has a different ‘feel’ that regular putty, being somewhat softer and more pliable. But it looks really neat – when you open the tin the putty is completely clear. You might think you have an empty tin except for the weight!

Once you scoop out the putty and play with it a funny thing happens: It turns translucent in your hands. The more you knead and play with it the more it goes from being transparent to being translucent. But if you set it down for a few minutes it returns to its transparent state where it is as clear as glass!

Pick up some liquid glass today, it’ll be the best invisible-then-visible putty you’ll ever own!

Want to buy Liquid Glass Thinking Putty?


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