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Laser Pegs

We’ve got a new product in house. It is called Laser Pegs!

Laser Pegs are the world’s first light-up construction toy! You join pieces together and not only do they for new structures, but they also form low-voltage electrical circuits that light up LED’s in the pieces! The pieces have all sorts of different colors, and some even blink!

Laser Pegs Dune Buggy

These kits are powered by ‘AAA’ batteries, however you can also purchase an AC adapter for more long-lasting lights

The “Big Kit” that we carry at Spectrum is the Laser Pegs 3-in-1  Kit

Laser Pegs 3 in 1

Laser Pegs 3 in 1 Set

But you might also consider the smaller kits, such as the Mini Monster Bug, the Tractor, and the Dune Buggy.

We would have added Laser Pegs back during the holidays, but they are a new product and were a victim of their own success – they actually ran out of kits to sell. But now they are back and well stocked to boot! Get yourself some Laser Pegs kits today!

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