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We (finally) got some meteorites at Spectrum Scientifics! These small meteorite samples hail from the Campo Del Cielo. This is a site where a substantial meteor struck back in 2,200 BC leaving  a crater field some 2 miles wide, 12 miles long and with 26 different craters. The field was reported in 1576, but was then ignored for a couple of centuries when it was rediscovered and lead to study and collection of the meteorite pieces.

Now some of those pieces have made their way to us. These are not tektites, these are genuine meteorites! Or at least pieces of them.

The smallest meteorites we sell are a pair of 1.5g meteorites in a small box.

For a ‘closer’ feel we also have a meteorite pendant: a 5-6g meteorite pendant with cord necklace.

Finally we have the actual meteorite pieces. These are boxes pieces, packed simply and easily removed from their display frontage.  They come in three different sizes: 10 grams, 25 grams, and 40 grams.

These meteorites are 93% iron, 6 % Nickel, 0.5% Cobalt and a small number of trace elements. Get some to add to your space or mineral collection!


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