What's new here?

Spectrum has added a new line of StellaNova Floating planet globes! These globes float using a computerized electromagnet. They are adaptable enough that breezes cannot disturb them and you can actually make the planets spin with a little spin! These are 6″  globes that are topped with a historic space probe that explored them! Let’s start with the Floating Moon Globe!

Floating Moon!

Next up is the Floating Venus Globe, which shows what the planet would look like sans atmosphere.

The Floating Venus Globe

And of course we have a Floating Mars Globe as well:

Floating Mars Globe

Then we get to our Solar System’s Gas Giants with A Jupiter Floating Globe

Floating Jupiter Globe

As well as a Floating Saturn Globe – with ring no less!

Floating Saturn Globe

Finally for those who wish to have a complete a set as possible there is the Floating Uranus Globe

Floating Uranus Globe

Neptune globe is pending. No plans for a Mercury globe, however.

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