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The Make Do series of construction toys is based on a very simple idea, and yet it is incredibly versatile: Give kids the tools to make almost any toy they want using a few simple parts and some old cardboard boxes! With the Make Do you can construct lots of great things like this:


Make Do Dog


The Make Do kits come in different forms, the main one is the simple MakeDo Kit for one.

The MakeDo Kit for One


Like the other kits, the set is made of of three different parts:


Make Do Parts

The first part, in the center, is the pin system that allows you to join one box to another. The second, on the right, is the hinge which is used with the pin to make swinging joints between boxes. The final part, on the left, is the safe saw that lets kids safely shape and cut holes in boxes to make them how they want. With just these three parts you can make all kinds of neat ideas limited only by your imagination and the number of boxes you can find.  Some ideas are shown here:



Other kits in the Make Do series are more purpose driven, such as the Make Do Find and Make a Car Kit. Here your kit is designed around making boxes into play cars!


Make Do Find and Build a Car Kit

Also fun is the Make Do Find And Build a Robot . Much like the find and build a car kit except this one is oriented towards building robots!

Make Do Find and Build a Robot

You aren’t just limited to the ‘robot’ show in the picture. A couple of examples of other robots can be seen here:

Make Do Alternate Robot

Or  this guy:

Another Robot!


Make Do kits are incredibly versatile and really let a kids imagination grow! They bring out the best in construction and let you re-use those empty boxes!

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