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Benchmark Scientific has done it once again! They’ve already neatly filled the orbital lab shaker market with a great series of products like the Orbi-Shaker, the Incu-Shaker and the low-speed Orbi-Blotter among others. But now they have also added the Orbi-Shaker CO2.

The Orbi-Shaker Co2 is designed to be tough: To take the harsher environments sometimes needed in labs. The Orbi-Shaker will work in an incubator or cold room with no trouble. It can function in an environment from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius.

In order to avoid temperature changes or contamination, the Orbi-Shaker Co2 has its controls on a remote board that can sit outside of the cold box or incubator. That way if you need a change in speed you just press the button rather than open the incubator. The speed can be changed at 1 rpm increments from 30 to 300 rpm. The cable is 60″ long to allow effective placement of the remote board.

The Orbi-Shaker Co2 measures in at just 11.9″, which allows it to fit in many personal incubators, which often have a 12″ width capacity:

Like its Orbi-Shaker cousins, the Orbi-Shaker Co2 comes with a rubber mat platform, but can also uses the optional  MAGic Clamp platform with assorted magnetic flask clamps or you can use the various dedicated flask platforms.

Now lab workers have a true way to work a lab shaker in an incubator with ease!

By the way, have we mentioned that the Orbi-Shaker Co2 has FREE SHIPPING in the continental US?


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